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Helen Domleo

I am a South African jeweller, with a passion for sustainability, living a predominantly outdoor lifestyle in Nottinghamshire, UK. My jewellery is designed to be a practical adornment and can be worn whilst enjoying an active lifestyle.

Inspiration for my work comes from the pods, leaves and other natural objects around me, and from my earlier work in the African bush.

I form and shape each piece, patterning the surfaces using hammers and other tools. Patterns can be imprinted, using a rolling mill, with a selection of fabrics, leaves or other fibres, or by hammering and stamping, to create rich textures. I add colour by using copper, brass and beads from natural materials or glass.

I studied silver smithing in Sumatra, Indonesia between graduating in archaeology and anthropology, and returning to Johannesburg as Curator of the Ethnology Collection at Museum Africa. My extensive travels and love of traditional African art forms have had a lasting influence on my work.

I regularly teach jewellery-making which I find inspiring because it gives me the opportunity to explore my medium whilst helping pupils create pieces they love and enjoy wearing.

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